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Candypress Site Template PLUS MODS (3.4) at CPMods.com, fully tested customised MODS for the Candypress eCommerce Shopping Cart




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Candypress Site Template PLUS MODS (3.4) (cpm013)

Looking for a clean, easy to follow template for you new Candypress Store?

You can now buy the template for our CPMods.com site, the one you are now viewing.

Template Package includes ...
  • New /USERMODS/_incTemplate_.asp
  • New /USERMODS/_incStyles_.css
  • Header / Category Image Rotator MOD
    Already configured in the Template
    (This one requires PHP on the server)
  • Featured Product Rotator MOD
    Already Configured in the Template
  • RSS Feed MOD
    Already Configured in the Template
  • ExtraPages Page Title MOD
  • Extra Pages Sort MOD
  • Testimonials MOD
    Shown on the site as "Nice things People have Said"
  • Initialise Database MOD
  • New set of Buttons (View, Add, Continue, Checkout, etc)
    As on this site (Colour changed as required)
  • Local Time Feature installed
  • Rollover List style CSS Menus and Categories
    As on this site
  • Easy Instructions to change the CSS to suit your required colour scheme
That's over $45 worth of MODS included in this Package
This makes the Template Design and CSS less than $25.

Simply replace the originals, change the colours if required and you are ready to start adding products and selling, no mucking around with the design.

We have tested this layout in IE, FF, Maxthon and Opera without problem.
Make sure you checkout our other templates as well.

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