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Extra Large Product Image POPUP (CP25) (cpm019a)

This MOD is taken from our very popular Multiple Images MOD.

It allwos you to add an Extra Large or Detailed view of any product image.

Simple to use, you simply need to name your Extra Large images with the XL_ prefix then upload them to the /PRODIMAGES/ directory.

To see a sample of how it works, simply click on ANY product image in our site, we have added an Extra Large version of each image as a demonstration of this MOD.

Also, check out our Multiple Product Images MOD that includes this feature, along with many others.

CLICK HERE to View the Multiple Product Images MOD which also includes this MOD

This MOD uses components that are readily available on the net. We have also donated in a small way to the author for the continued development of the components we have used.
We have taken these components and integrated them into the standard Candypress products file.
We in no way claim authorship of these components, simply the ability to integrate and enhance them for use with CP. All original ownership copyrights are still in place.

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