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Affiliate MOD CPv2.5 (cpm045)

This MOD is the original and popular Affiliate MOD released by David LeBlanc.

All features of David's 1.4 version for Candypress 2.5 are as originally released ... no modification have been made to this MOD.

CPMods are very pleased to be associated with David.

An updated version of this MOD is available also for CPv3.5 and CPv3.4



Important Features:
Five level Tiering System - Affiliates get commission credit when they encourage others to join the program!
Enhanced Reports with printer friendly option
Redesigned Summary page to reflect a snapshot status of your program
New Graphical charts for easier comparisons
Automatically calculates referral success rates for affiliates and store
Improved data checking, formatting, instructions, etc.
Admin Area Features:
Completely integrated with Candypress
Unique Affiliate Admin Area
Login password integrated with Candypress
Automatically calculates commissions due
Summary page lists all commissions total
sales generated, total commissions
generated, and total number of affiliates
Pay Affiliates by Check option
Pay Affiliates using PayPal
(completely integrated)
Pay all affiliates with one click using
PayPal's MassPay system
Maintains payment history file
Automatically updates database payments
Automatically shows most effective banners
Automatically shows most effective categories
Automatically shows top selling affiliates
Types of Reports:
Reports - Unpaid Commissions (all)
Reports - Paid Commissions (all)
Reports - Unfinalized sales (all)
Reports - All transactions (all)
Reports - Unpaid Commissions (by affiliate)
Reports - Paid Commissions (by affiliate)
Reports - Unfinalized sales (by affiliate)
Reports - All transactions (by affiliate)
Admin can modify affiliate accounts
Welcome Email to new affiliate
Notification Email to admin
Create categories for Banner links
Automatically generates Product links
(if you have 1000+ products, then affiliates
can choose between 1000+ specific product
links to cut and paste)
No database table or files to edit
Mod automatically creates structure into
Candypress database

Area Features:
Completely integrated with Candypress
Unique Affiliate Login
Login password integrated with Candypress
Affiliates have own Mgt Area
Automatically generates links for affiliates
Automatically generates Product links
Affiliate can browse Product links
Automatically generates Banner links
Affiliate can browse banner links
Affiliate can view most effective banners
Affiliate can view top selling affiliates
Reports - Unpaid Commissions
Reports - Paid Commissions
Reports - Unfinalized sales
Reports - All transactions
Affiliates can modify their accounts
General Features:
No monthly fees - you own software!
Software is licenced on a per Domain Basis
Email works with all Candypress supported email platforms: CDONTS, Jmail, ServerObjects ASPmail, Persits ASPEmail, Bamboo SMTP, and CDOSYS
Uses same Candypress database
(don't have to keep maintain separate databases)

Miscellaneous :
Email a Friend
Product Inquiry

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