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Wholesale Customers MOD for CP v4.1 (CPM050)

This is not the easiest MOD to explain, but this is basically how it works ....

You set a customer to be Retail or Wholesale.
If Wholesale, you set a Pricing Level for that customer.
When a customer logs in, they see all products shown with their price level.

You set as many price levels for an item as required.

Price levels should go from Highest Price to Lowest price.
Level 0 - is Retail,
Level 1 should be the next price down
Level 2, the next and so on ...

L0: $10
L1: $9
L2: $8
L3: $7 ..... and so on

What happens is, if a wholesale customer, L3, looks at a product that
say only has level 0 & 1 set, the Mod will walk backwards from L3 until it finds a Valid Price.

This allows you to only set lower levels on the products that need it.

One other feature is that you can set an entire category to a specific customer.
No-one else will ever see that category and the customer will only see it when they
login to their account.

All products show RETAIL until a customer logs in. After login, they will see prices
relevant to their Price Level

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