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Admin Menu Mod for CP v5.1 (CPM060)

Anyone who has tried to set permissions for multiple users in the Admin Menu Manager knows that not only do you have to set the permission of the page in the Menu settings but you also have to change the value of the AdminLevel constant on each page you change.

This can add up to a lot of needless code editing.

Now with this mod all you have to do is set the permission in the Admin Menu Manager and this mod will take care of the rest. It's even smart enough to know that if you allow a user to access an editing page then they also have permission to access the execute page to make the changes they have been editing.

Here's an example. Say you want to allow the OE Clerk to edit Customer records. Before you had to do is go to the Admin Menu Manager, give the OE Clerk access to SA_cust.asp then edit the adminLevel values in SA_cust.asp, SA_cust_edit.asp and SA_cust_exec.asp to complete the permissions process.

Now all you have to do is go to the Admin Menu Manager, allow the OE Clerk to access SA_cust.asp and the mod instinctively knows you need to also allow access to SA_cust_edit.asp and SA_cust_exec.asp and sets it for you.

That's it, that's all you have to do.

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